Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thank God it’s the last day of school!!!! Well another great year of school has come to a close and what did I do last night? If you guessed started planning for next year, then you’re right! I think one of my favorite things about June is looking back over the school year and seeing the progress we have made during the year. This year in many ways has been one of our better homeschool years. Why? I think after sixteen years of homeschooling I am finally ok with not completing every page in every book. Although, we completed most of our curriculum, there were days when a lesson just seemed like busy work or there were pages that were repetitious-so we skipped them! (imagine that) At first my children questioned if we were allowed to skip pages and I was actually able to reply YES!! So I guess I have also made some progress this year. I hope the homeschool police will not see this, but we actually change some of our books midyear (don’t tell anyone). I finally realized that the price that I make my children pay for finishing curriculum that isn’t a good fit for them is much higher than the price it would have cost to resell and purchase new books. So this year we lap booked our way through science and did some fun unit studies instead of our text books and guess what? It turned out great. So at the end of our school year I can say I am truly thankful to God for freeing me from the textbook police and for Moore Expression’s (our local homeschool bookstore) for buying back my textbook misfits! Well, I guess I’ll go back to praying for wisdom and planning for another great school year.