Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Considering God's Creation


Considering God's Creation is a creative Biblical approach to elementary earth and life science. Susan Mortimer and Betty Smith are the authors of this multi-level science curriculum designed for children in grades 2-7. The program includes 36 lessons that can be completed over one school year with older students or over several years with younger students. The subjects covered include creation, the universe, the earth, non-living things, weather, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, animal anatomy and physiology and man. The curriculum comes with a 272 page student book, a teacher's manual and an audio CD.

Eagle's Wing Educational Materials blessed our homeschool with a copy of Considering God's Creation in exchange for my honest review of their curriculum. Karina, my fifth grader used the program over the last few weeks. At first glance, she noticed that the books lacked color pictures and was very different from the other science books she was accustomed to using. However, as we had the opportunity to use the book we found that the notebooking activities and the scientist detective activities out weighed glossy color pictures. Considering God's Creation really fosters a discovery approach to learning by integrating scientific facts along with creative research and discovery activities. The lessons require very little preparation and can be completed in as little as one and a half to two hours a week. Most of the activities use materials usually found around the house and basic school supplies (crayons, glue and scissors). The lessons provided in the teacher's manual include preparation directions, vocabulary words, the lesson content to be read aloud and spiritual applications. Each lesson has a creative song on the CD to reinforce the lesson. The lessons also have notebooking pages to complete, review questions and evolution stumpers. Evolution stumpers are scientific facts that support creation and are designed to help build faith in young believers.

Our personal favorite were the Digging Deeper activities at the end of each lesson. These activities really allow a 5th-7th grade to research and discover on their own. Some features that Karina enjoyed were the vocabulary crossword puzzles and the word search. Another favorite was the scientist dectective pages which encourages the students to discovery and discern the scientist's worldview.

The program allows for multi-level teaching and is great for families with several elementary school age students. The curriculum is also very affortable at $29.95 for the complete program. Below are some sample pages from the student book.

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