Friday, September 17, 2010

Freebie Friday

I pray that everyone is having a wonderful week. This week I would like to share three of my favorite sites for freebies and just some neat homeschooling resources.

The first website is On this site, hundreds of vendors have e-books for sale, but they also have a huge collection of freebies. Sign up for their weekly newsletter and receive a freebie every Monday or just go to their website and browse through the freebies!

Next, is an incredible website that all homeschool families should checkout. It's the homeschool buyers co-op. This site has great deals on curriculum and lots of free stuff! Take some time to really check out this website and join the co-op, it's free!! Their website is:

The last website for this week is This site has a wealth of information for homeschooling high school age students. Sign up for the newsletter to stay informed or just check out the freebies on the web page. This site is hosting a FREE webinar on Tuesday, September 21, with Jay Wiles as the guest speaker. Register for the webinar at this site:

As always, if this blog is a blessing to you, share it with a friend.

Have a blessed week!

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  1. Lauren,

    I hadn't heard of Homescholar before (or maybe I did and just forgot about it.) But, with an 8th grader in the house this year, I have plenty to consider for homeschooling through high school.