Friday, February 11, 2011

The Curiosity Files

The Cicada Killing Wasps
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Project Managers: Heidi Strawser & Amy Christy

Last month, we took a break from our regular curriculum in order to check out a new unit study called the Curiosity Files. What was planned as a one week break turned into a month long adventure. The first week we explored the very interesting Dung Beetle. The next week, we investigated the world of Zombie Fire Ants. The following week, we learned all about Puffer Fish. Just when we were about to return to our normal routine, I received a new Curiosity Files to review for the TOS crew. I received a free copy of the Curiosity Files: Cicada Killing Wasp in exchange for my honest review. My honest opinion is: WE LOVE THE CURIOSITY FILES!If you are looking for a new approach to studying science, Explorations with Professor Ana Lyze—Expert in Outlandish Oddities...The Curiosity Files might just be the perfect answer..

The Curiosity Files are fun unit studies geared for children ages 8-13. However, with a little adjusting the units can be used with the whole family. Each unit includes reading, reading comprehension, Bible, copy work, history, math, arts and crafts,spelling, vocabulary and of course, science. Also included are a list of books and websites to enhance your study. There is more than enough information for a full week of exploration.

We really enjoyed this unit study and highly recommend the Cicada Killing Wasp study. The study contains lots of interesting information and Karina really enjoyed all of the hands on activities and the links to websites. I appreciated that the units are from a creation perspective and include Bible verses as well as a well rounded curriculum. Just add your own math program and dive in for a science adventure.

If you're curious, the Curiosity files are available at the Old Schoolhouse store ( ) for $9.95 per unit or you can grab a nine pack of units for only $46.00 , a three pack for $23.00 or a two pack for $15.34.
Here are the Curiosity Files titles currently available:
•Blue Diamond
•Dung Beetle
• Zombie Fire Ants
•Red Tide
•Zombie Fire Ants
•Blue-footed Booby
•Cicada Killing Wasp

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  1. As one of the contributors to the studies, I am so glad to hear how many families are enjoying them. You did leave off one part of them...MUSIC (that's what I write!)