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VocabAhead SAT Vocabulary:
Cartoons, Videos & MP3s
Lafazi Publications
I have only one question:"Where was this book when I was studying for the SAT exam?" I received a copy of the VocabAhead SAT Vocabulary book at no cost, in exchange for my honest review of the book. As both a mother of a high school student and a teacher of a SAT prep class, I was excited to use this SAT vocabulary book. VocabAhead is a 342 page paperback book that is divided into 30 units. Each unit contains 10 vocabulary words.Each page is devoted to one vocabulary word. The featured word appears in bold print, followed by its part of speech and a concise definition. Below the definition is a black and white cartoon which is designed to give a visual image to associate with the word. There are also two sample sentences to further illustrate the word. The final item on the page is a list of synonyms and antonyms. After each unit, there are review activities to be completed to determine if the lesson has been mastered.
What makes this book unique is the ability to download both videos and MP3 files for the VocabAhead website. Although the book can be used independent of the videos and MP3 files, this feature is perfect for todays teen age students who tend to use their computers and MP3 players more than books. All of the vocabulary cartoons from the book are available in both formats. So if you have a student who learns best using auditory methods, then you can download the audio files onto any MP3 player or computer. Or, if your student is a visual learner, the video files can be downloaded to an iPod touch, iPad, iphone or computer.
We used the book, along with the video component on the computer. It was simple to download the files onto the computer. The files appear in alphabetical order so it is easy to locate the vocabulary words for each unit. The video's were clear and of good quality. The videos begin with a screen shot of the vocabulary word and definition, while you hear the word and the definition is read. Next, the cartoon appears while the sample sentences are read. The cartoons on the videos are in full color and are quite appealing to the eye. We found the combination of the book and video to work very well for us. This is a long way from the flash cards I used to prepare for the SAT exam!
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VocabAhead One Thousand SAT Vocabulary Videos & MP3s
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