Friday, April 22, 2011

Bring An Art Teacher Into Your Home

See the Light's Art Class is a wonderful art curriculum that is designed for children ages 6-10 years old. However, I found that it worked rather well with older students. Pat Knepley is the master artist and teacher in this 9 volume DVD set of art classes. Pat is a graduate of Penn State with a degree in Art Education. She brings her expertise in art right into the home. Each of the DVDs includes four 15 minute lessons. The easy to follow lessons require only basic art supplies (copy paper, pencils, crayons, colored chalk and a good eraser). Mrs Knepley integrates Art History with Biblical principles as she provides step-by-step tutoring. The complete 9 volume set provides a school years worth of art lessons.

Volume 1 ( Lessons 1-4) introduces the basics. Also on the volume 1 DVD is a bonus lesson entitled Chalk-it-Easy with master chalk artist Gloria Kohlmann.

Volume 2 (Lessons 5-8) covers shapes and space, with a bonus lesson on creative lettering by Heidi Shorts.

Volume 3 (Lessons 9-12) teaches values and color and has a bonus lesson entitled The Joy of Art with master artist Jim Pence.

Volume 4 (Lessons 13-16) introduces color blending techniques.

Volume 5 (Lessons 17-20) teaches proportions for composition.

Volume 6 (Lessons 21-24) covers texture and form.

Volume 7 (Lessons 25-28) with a focus on perspective for landscape.

Volume 8 (Lessons 29-32) introduces balance and foreshortening

Volume 9 (Lessons 33-36) works on portraits.

The 9 volume set can be purchased at for $99.99 or a monthly online subscription is available for $10.00 per month. Visit their website for a free Volume 1 DVD.

I received a free copy of Volume 1: The Basics in exchange for posting this review on my blog.

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