Monday, April 4, 2011

Go Go Kabongo


Go Go Kabongo is an online animated world of friendly characters and interactive habitats. The company's mission statement is to challenge kids to become better thinkers, inspiring self-­confidence through the joy of play. GoGo Kabongo was developed by a cognitive psychologist whose goal is to promote early reading skills using brain games, critical thinking and cognitive development. These goals are met this very colorful interactive website. The site is gear to children ages 4-7 and consist of three habitats; Laughter Lake, Twister Top and Galaxy Gardens. Each habitat is home to three fun activities with multilevel play.

Laughter Lake is home to the charming Mz. Teezly. Here the children can engage in three fun learning activities.

1.Critter Sizer's key skills are attention, focus and verbal rehearsal

2. Scuba Dude's key skills include successive processing, visual scanning and working memory.3.Going Buggy : Key skills include comprehension and visualization

1. Design a Door's key skills are

simultaneous processing and visualization.

2. Desert Dash works on phonics, verbal rehearsal and memory skills.

3. Crazy Maze offers practice in phonics and spatial awareness.

1. Photo Safari is a fun place to develop skills in attention, focus, and planning.

2. Rocket Racers is a game designed to address commonly mistaken letters such as "p", "q", "b" and "d".

3. Robo Bobo uses picture puzzles to develop skills in spatial awareness and visual scanning.

We used GoGo Kabongo during the last few weeks as a fun addition to our day. Although my children do not fall within the target age range, my youngest daughter used the website along with a younger neighbor. They both enjoyed the games and our neighbor loved the interactive rewards he received after completing a game. Critter Sizer became a favorite once the coordination with the computer mouse was mastered. Another favorite was the Robo Bobo puzzle game. Both kids had a blast completing the puzzles. Overall, I think this website is a thumbs up for children in the 4-7 age group. The one time $4.95 per learning habitat fee is a great deal. There is no subscription fee! Right now both the Laughter Lake and Galaxy Gardens are free!

I was given a subscription to Go Go Kobongo in exchange for my honest review of their curriculum.

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