Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Piano for Young Children


Kinderbach offers a video based piano lessons for children ages 3-7. The program is designed to teach note reading, rhythm, singing and composition. Karri Gregor, the founder of Kinderbach, has over ten years of experience teaching preschool piano class and now she brings her expertise into your home. Kinderbach is available as an online membership or on DVD. This self pacing program includes fun-active games, stories and coloring pages. Each musical note becomes a character in a story. Miss Karri introduces kids to the keyboard characters, proper hand position and note reading. The videos are colorful and have a professional quality. Each of the 270 lessons can be reviewed as often as you would like and they provide an excellent musical foundation.

The Kinderbach program has 6 levels in all. Within each level there are 10 weeks of lessons to explore. Each week, there are 4 short sessions of animated videos, hands on activities and piano playing. Each level has a 47 page activity book. In order to use this program successful, you will need a piano or electronic keyboard with 36-48 full sized keys. A computer to view the program and a printer to print out the activity book are also necessary. The activity book calls for basic craft materials, such as scissors, crayons and glue.

I received a subscription to Kinderbach in exchange for an honest review of their online piano program. We found several features of this program to be excellent for the targeted age group. The videos were colorful and lively. Miss Karri reminded me of the perfect kindergarten teacher. She was very animated and appealing to preschool age children. The video were short enough to hold a young child's attention. Another great feature of the program is the time and money saved by teaching piano to your children at home. Lessons can be completed at your convenience and the whole family can learn with one membership fee. Also, the use of colorful characters to teaching note reading makes music reading fun. I found her method of helping the children follow along as they read music very helpful. So it looks like it is time to replace Every Good Boy Does Fine with the fun innovated lessons on Kinderbach.

A one year online membership to Kinderbach is a one lump sum fee of $95.88 or 19.99 per month for 12 months. This membership is for the whole family and gives you access to all 270 lessons, a total of 22 hours worth of video. Kinderbach is also available on DVD. Please check there website for pricing on the different DVD bundles. Kinderbach offers the first two weeks of lessons for free. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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